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'Killer Culture' A Call to the Churches
Bob Just   
Increasingly, the horror of America's culture is becoming frighteningly clear, both for its evil intent and for its devastating effect on the nation's children. click for full text

 Amendment Separation of Atheism and State
Bob Just   
No second chance. No appeal. The Supreme Court has spoken, and as far as government is concerned, "God is dead." click for full text

 Fascism, Corruption and My 'Democratic' Party
Bob Just   
There's nothing new about the Democrats'
one-party extremism. click for full text

 Homeland Defense A Call to the Churches
How America's Largest 'Network' could prove Essential to National Security. click for full text

Imagine There's a Heaven
Bob Just   
Start by imagining there is such a thing as "goodness" in this life, and then imagine we can recognize goodness because there is evil too. And we can see the choice clearly. click for full text

 Independence Day Celebrate Reagan's Shining City
Bob Just   
Reagan Warns Americans About Secularism.
Get to Know the Real Ronald Reagan and the Real America. click for full text

 My un-American Democratic Party
Bob Just   
Why PC Liberals Will Betray America and Israel. click for full text

 Son of Divorce
Bob Just   
Bob shares his personal recovery story, and
discusses the mystery of love and marriage. click for full text

 Tea Party We're Reagan's 'New Patriots'
Bob Just   
As I watched the tea-party protests and crowded town halls, I couldn't help but think of President Reagan. click for full text

 The 1 Weapon Essential For Victory
Bob Just   
No one can doubt the fierce commitment of radical Islamists who are willing to kill themselves in waging this war of terror on America. click for full text

 The Miracle of the Bible
Bob Just   
Do you know anyone who has a Bible at home but hardly ever reads it? Send Them This Column! click for full text

 Why the U.N. Can Never Bring Peace
Bob Just   
If you ask people what the U.N. stands for, most would probably answer "peace," or at least the world's best hope of peace. click for full text