"Separation of Atheism and State" Amendment

"Separation of Atheism and State" Amendment
Purpose is to constitutionally recognize America as a nation under God.

Article XXVIII "Separation of Atheism and State" Amendment
We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.

Separation of atheism and state

In that the United States Constitution was founded on the basis of an officially declared, "self-evident," and firm belief in a Creator who endowed us with "inalienable rights," and by whose authority we established our independence, the people of the United States of America here acknowledge this country to be a nation under God.

This acknowledgement is essential to our national well being since inalienable rights given by God provide a solid foundation for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. The atheistic view accepts no authority higher than government, and is thus alien to these principles of American liberty. For if our rights came only from government, then those rights could, in turn, be legitimately revoked or bargained away by government. To prevent such tyranny, and to protect ourselves, our families, and our rights, we commonly accept the United States of America to be a nation of faith, and reject the atheistic view.

Although no citizen shall be forced to accept this as a personal faith, all should join themselves in agreement to the necessity of a common understanding that the continuing strength of American society rests upon the social and political benefits derived from our "under God" heritage as described in the Declaration of Independence.

Please send the above proposed constitutional amendment to your Congressional representatives, and anyone else you think would be interested. We can be contacted at amendment@bobjust.com.

Thank you.