We Need American Revival…

…and we need it now. Ronald Reagan knew that and called regularly for it. I was lucky enough to hear him do it personally when a group I founded gave him a Teach Freedom Award. We gave it to him to honor his farewell warning to the American people as President of the United States on January 11, 1989. He warned us then… (more)

'BIRTH-DAY' for Kids in New York City

Most New Yorkers agree that crime is a serious problem. Some can move elsewhere if they want, but the rest of us will either suffer alone or join together to find a way to reclaim our neighborhoods.

Of course, we who stand our ground against crime will need the New York Police Department to stand fully with us… (read more)

Bob Just notes inspiring examples of racial harmony and faith in tragedy's reaction

For almost two decades Conservative Democrat Bob Just has debated the left from Alan Colmes on Fox News Channel to Bill Maher on ABC, covering all kinds of subjects, especially Democrat Party extremism.

Obama Socialism v. Reagan Freedom
BOB JUST VIDEO: “Spread the Wealth”
2008 Reality for 2024 Action

Two Short Movies by Bob

A short slapstick comedy for oldtime silent movie fans about a couple who have different approaches to getting up in the morning – shown publicly in New York City in Central Park.

This touching 1978 short film has won awards all around the world. Told as a modern-day fairy tale, the story is of a little boy who goes on an adventure and returns with something far more precious than what he was seeking in the first place. There is no dialogue and therefore no language barrier. The film speaks to all people. Rich in visual meaning, it is a story about life, loneliness, and things unseen. “One” was chosen to open the week-long Barcelona Film Festival in 2013.

Barack Obama and abortion issue
BOB JUST VIDEO: “Just Tell us the Truth”

Democrats for America
Mainstream Democrats must speak out about the extremists who control our party. Republicans are helpless. It’s our party — so it’s our fight.

Bob Just: As Antifa, other radicals rail against police, here’s an apology to men and women in blue
To officers of the law:

We all want friends who will stick with us in hard times, friends to protect our back, especially when things go really bad.

Yet despite everything you have done for us, we have not stood with you during these nightmare weeks following the tragic death of George Floyd. We either forgot who we are and what we owe you as our protectors, or we watched helplessly, not knowing what to do to defend you…click for full text

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Democrats can save our party – by voting Republican
I’m glad legendary talk-show host Barry Farber didn’t live to see leftist/anarchist mobs defacing or tearing down statues of men like Washington and Lincoln. I’m glad he missed seeing feckless state and local officials passively accepting these actions, or even approving them…click for full text

Fascism, Corruption and My ‘Democratic’ Party
Ten years ago, Newsweek magazine shocked mainstream America with a cover story headlined Thought Police, a lengthy report on a new social /political movement developed on college campuses since the 1960s. Ironically, one year after…click for full text

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Killer Culture
Increasingly, the horror of America’s culture is becoming frighteningly clear, both for its evil intent and for its devastating effect on the nation’s children…
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Son of Divorce
Bob shares his personal recovery story, and discusses the mystery of love and marriage…
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Amendment Separation of Atheism
and State
Imagine that it was not the 9th Circuit, but the United States Supreme Court that made the “under God” decision. Imagine that instead of two nervous circuit judges, it was five brazen Supreme Court Justices declaring the Pledge unconstitutional in some nightmare future years from now five secular…click for full text

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The Miracle of the Bible
I’ve been a writer for many years, working on all kinds of projects from screenplays to corporate speeches to playwriting to academic essays to journalism and commentary. As a former English teacher, I’ve read all kinds of writing but never anything that comes even close to the Bible…
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Imagine There’s a Heaven
Start by imagining there is such a thing as “goodness” in this life, and then imagine we can recognize goodness because there is evil too. And we can see the choice clearly. And we can see that choosing evil leads to great heartbreak and destruction. And we can see that choosing good brings joy to life and to our souls. Now imagine you have a soul –…click for full text

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