"Morning Becomes Electra" (A Film by Robert Just)

"One" (A Film by Robert Just)

This touching 1978 short film has won awards all around the world. Told as a modern-day fairy tale, the story is of a little boy who goes on an adventure and returns with something far more precious than what he was seeking in the first place. There is no dialogue and therefore no language barrier. The film speaks to all people. Rich in visual meaning, it is a story about life, loneliness, and things unseen.

Bob Just Media Highlights

For almost two decades Conservative Democrat Bob Just has debated the left from Alan Colmes on Fox News Channel to Bill Maher on ABC, covering all kinds of subjects, especially Democrat Party extremism.

Neighbor to Neighbor Project 2010

After the 9-11 terrorist attack Bob took an interest in Citizen Corps Council, a federal homeland security system designed to bring community-minded citizens around a table to discuss how they could improve public safety, not only in time of emergency but in general.

Concerned Fathers Against Crime Intro

A brief overview look at what happens when a community pulls together to work with law enforcement during the stressful period after 9-11. This speaks to the potential of every citizen to work with others to make a difference.